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What do you have from the supplies that take care of your face? What don’t you have, but should? What’s extra? Are you confused ???

Keep the checklist, what are the supplies that should be mandatory?

1) Face Wash(foam/dairy/gel/powder) – we use it to clean our face with it daily in the morning and evening.

2) Tonic – used it to wipe our face after each wash daily in the morning and evening.

3) Face Cream – We apply it after the tonic daily in the morning.

4) Eye Cream – We apply it also after the tonic daily morning (recommended in the evening, however not for everyone).

5) Peeling – apply it once a week.

6) Mask – do it 2 times a week.

More often these procedures should not be overdone, otherwise, we will exhaust the resources of the skin. You can have one mask in your arsenal or you can have several and alternate them depending on the objectives and needs of the skin.

Which should be desirable:

1) Serum – apply under the cream in the morning. It is not necessary but it is an effective and efficient care product.

2) Patches – apply them after sleepless nights, with swelling.

3) Masks-SOS (tissue masks) – we make them after flights, trains, sleepless nights, and at a time when it is urgent to give your skin a fresh look.

4) Lip balm. Little lifehack: if not, you can apply an eye cream instead.

5) Micellar water is a make-up remover. It does not serve as a washer or tonic. It can be washed off with make-up, but then you have to wash your face. 

6) Night cream for the face (not everyone is recommended to use it in the evening).

Which is not desirable:

1) Hydrophilic oil is a means of removing Korean cosmetics. So if you use Korean BB and SS creams, leave it. Otherwise, you don’t need it.

2) Scrubs (especially with natural large particles).

What to throw away:

1) Facial oils.

2) Leave hand soap for hands. It’s not a washing face product.

3) Different hydrolats and other products that do not replace tonic, cream, washer.

Basically, you can leave them in the care, but do not replace them with mandatory products.

Now we will take apart a cosmetic bag with decorative cosmetics.

Why is it important to follow the shelf life of cosmetics?

What should be in the makeup bag

Let’s take it in order

If you do not have a beautiful cosmetic bag for your favorite cosmetics, then urgently fix it. Cosmetics should be in their place.

Hygiene is next, all the jars should be wiped with a damp antibacterial napkin, makeup brushes with an antibacterial soap too because when the cosmetics are in a neat order and organized, it is so much more pleasant to use them.

These simple and easy actions should be done regularly.

Let’s go further, your number one task is to throw away products that you haven’t used for at least a year or even more, it means you do not like it and it does not fit for you and secondly it has most likely already expired and here we come to one of the most important points in the parse of cosmetics.

Many people think that after the expiration date cosmetics can continue to use at least six months.

This is not the case!

It is not recommended to use the products after they have expired. The expiry date is set by the manufacturer. At the same time, the company guarantees that the product meets the requirements for safety for the life and health of consumers and the safety of consumer properties under conditions of storage and transportation. The expiry date is determined by quite certain parameters. It depends on the composition of components, which active additive is introduced, and how it is compatible with other ingredients. Be sure to keep an eye on expiry dates – this is your health.

Top 10 products

1) Moisturizing creams (you can use it yourself or as a make-up base).

2) Foundation (when choosing a tone – pay attention to the density and structure, if the skin is dry, not the best option is a very dense tone, pay attention to lighter textures).

3) Concealers (necessary product for eye leveling, covering swelling, bruising …)

4) Matte wipes (matting the skin, the main rule is not to rub the tone of the matting wipes on the face, and soaking movements to remove excess skin fat from the T zone).

5) Eyebrow pencils (choose the shade that suits you best. When choosing a pencil, pay attention to the powder base).

6) Rouge (liquid, creamy – a great solution to refresh your face)

7) Eye Liner or Gel Liner ( give more expression to the eyes).

8) Finish Powder (can even out skin texture, making it more matte)

9) Mascara (lush eyelashes are always in the trend, when choosing a mascara, do not forget that the choice of brush depends on the density, length, and splendor of lashes).

10) Lip Gloss (give lips juiciness, volume and freshness)

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