What do we know and what should we think about nutrients and minerals? Nutrients are essential and critical to human development, improvement, and materiality. ⠀ Most of the nutrients are not integrated into our body, and for the most part we take them from the nutritional results of plants and sources, and microorganisms are ordinary […]

Special needs

INTIMATE HYGIENE IS AN IMPORTANT TOPIC FOR ALL WOMEN. LET’S DISCOVER IT ALL ALL STEP BY STEP! Menstruation or critical days should last a maximum of 8 days. The maximum amount of discharge occurs on the 2 -4 days of the cycle, then they decrease and become quite scarce. And here is where the fun […]

Skin care

9 Realities about your skin and its internal parts. Skin is the greatest organ in the human body. Consistently, our skin loses about 40,000 scales. Every three to four weeks, the epidermis (the highest layer of skin) is recharged. With age, the epidermis recovery procedure decreases its speed (and between 40-50 years it reaches 5-6 […]